48th CIFF Shanghai 2021


48th CIFF Shanghai 2021


Unmissable business platform, design destination and source of inspiration! Don’t miss the 48th CIFF Shanghai 2021, the first destination for international furniture and furnishing purchases in China and probably the world’s largest furnishing event in the second half of 2021.

Sofa Flagship (Hall 1.1) & Sofa Premium (Hall 2.1)

Hall 1.1 is for the Sofa Flagship, and Hall 2.1 is for the Sofa Premium. The two halls are divided into Areas, A, B, and C to bring together domestic and foreign brands and present personalized sofa designs.

The 48th CIFF Shanghai 2021 will focus on presenting three major trends of leather sofas, fabric sofas and functional sofas. Among them, leather sofas have the longest lifespan, fabric sofas feature diversified styles and functional sofas are becoming more popular, bringing more lifestyles to people.

Sleep Lifestyle (Hall 3.1)

The smart sleep industry is developing rapidly across the world and gradually entering the daily life of consumers. Hall 3.1 centres on smart sleep and is divided into Areas A, B and C.
Area A-International Sleep will bring together international brands, Area B-National Trendy Sleep will gather domestic brands and Area C-Smart Sleep will present new technologies.

The 48th CIFF Shanghai 2021 increases the area of the Sleep Hall from 20,000 square meters to 30,000 square meters and increases the brands from more than 30 to more than 50.

Contemporary Design (Hall 4.1)

Hall 4.1 will gather the leading designer brands from home and abroad to present the unique and trendy home furnishings of designers and explore the design aesthetics of different styles including oriental style, minimalism and luxury.

The EAST Design Show to be held in Hall 4.1 is the super IP of the 48th CIFF Shanghai 2021 and has been held for six consecutive times. As an incubation platform for emerging designers, this session will invite independent Asian studios and home furnishing brands to jointly explore the value of design.

Trendy Design (Hall 5.1)

Hall 5.1 is mainly for emerging designer brands. Mild luxury and minimalism are the most popular among the home furnishing styles. Areas A and B will focus on such two styles and on urban life.

Area C of Hall 5.1 features “Exquisite Life”. The exhibits include imported furniture, premium home furnishings, homedecor & hometextile, ornaments, lighting and decorative paintings and focus on the relationship between home furnishing details and people, bringing a more exquisite life to people.

The 48th CIFF Shanghai 2021 will offer the Design Dream Show (DDS) at Hall 5.1, under the theme of “New Wave • New Sound Field”, which is a gathering of designers and young people.

International Oriental Design (Hall 6.1)

Hall 6.1 will promote the home furnishing design with Chinese characteristics, presenting traditional and elegant oriental culture as well as Chinese elements including solid wood and carving. Meanwhile, it will combine with Western design and modern trends to make innovations.

Hall 6.1 is divided into Areas A, B and C. Area A is for the Whole House Furniture, Area B is for the Oriental Culture Design, and Area C is for the Daguan Tea Ceremony, specially launched for the 48th CIFF Shanghai 2021, aiming to create a space centring on tea and present the oriental lifestyle in the tea culture.

Outdoor Furniture, Homedecor & Hometextile (Hall 2.2)

Hall 2.2 includes outdoor furniture, outdoor sunshades and raw materials, aiming to create outdoor leisure scenario in combination with market trends. Exhibitors can experience and observe the outdoor furniture on display. The furniture materials include casting, rattan, solid wood and aluminium products, featured by diversified styles, environmental protection and individualized customization.

Hall 2.2 is divided into Area A-Homedecor & Hometextile and Area B-Outdoor & Leisure, with a total area of ​​15,000 square meters. It will host more than 60 brands, creating an outdoor space in an all-round way.

Living Room/Dining Room/Office Furniture (Hall 7.2) & Office Environment (Hall 8.2)

Area A of Hall 7.2 is for the Living Room/Dining Room Furniture, and Area B is for the Office Furniture. Areas A and B of Hall 8.2 are for the Office Furniture, and Area C is for the Intelligent Office. The two halls with a total scale of 45,000 square meters will host more than 230 brands, presenting the integrated office space solutions with office seating, system office, public space, cabinets, fittings and eco-friendly new materials, exploring more comfortable and intelligent new office scenarios.

Among the main exhibits, office seating includes office chairs, massage chairs and sofas; system office is committed to more effective and reasonable use of space through scientific planning; public spaces focus on humanistic care; intelligent adjustable furniture achieves personalized office space by adjusting the height and angle of office furniture.


The EAST Design Show

As the super IP of CIFF (Shanghai), the EAST Design Show has been held for six consecutive times, planned by the curator Zhu Xiaojie. The 4-day show is an oriental and interesting design event.
The EAST Design Show is positioned as an “incubation platform for young and emerging designers”, and will invite the leading home furnishing brands, academy studios, independent design studios and media studios in Asia to jointly explore the value of design.

The Design Dream Show (DDS)

The Design Dream Show (DDS), under the theme of “New Wave · New Sound Filed”, will create eight trendy sectors including Trendy Play Special Exhibition Zone, Creative Market, Modern Fashion Workshop, Materials Academy, High-end Social Platform, Future Life Exploration Zone, D-Talk Forum and Designers’ Club!

Office Life Theme Pavilion

The 48th CIFF Shanghai 2021 will once again cooperate with the curator, Mr. Xu Zhaoming, to create the Office Life Theme Pavilion under the theme of “Office Customization • Harmony & Symbiosis”, which will fully present the new concepts of office environment design at Hall 8.2, integrate the scattered concepts and combine the professional design, space study, lifestyle, product optimization, technology-based office and other excellent concepts into the one-stop services.

Daguan Tea Ceremony

The Daguan Tea Ceremony debuted in the 48th CIFF Shanghai 2020 and received an enthusiastic response. This session will be jointly held by the designer brands such as Chahui, Shangxia, Nangu, Bama and Songyuan Nanchan at Area C, Hall 6.1, advocating the elegant tea culture and lifestyle, creating a living space centring on tea home furnishings and leading people to experience the elegant oriental lifestyle.








Date of the event
11-14 December 2021

Organizers of the fair
China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Zhongmao Macalline Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd.

Hosts of the fair
China Foreign Trade Centre Group Co. Ltd.
Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group Co. Ltd.
China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts
Guangdong Furniture Association
Guangzhou Furniture Association

Event frequency

National Exhibition & Convention Centre (Shanghai) in Hongqiao
n. 333 Songze Avenue - Qingpu District - Shanghai - China

Opening times
Daily from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Product segments
Home Furniture, Homedécor & Hometextile, Outdoor & Leisure, Office Furniture, Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery

Trade visitors
Furniture and furnishing specialist trade, interior designers, architects, designers, consultants, planners, joiners, carpenters, interior decorators, investors/real estate industry, facility management companies, users

Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers' Association

Contact for visitors
Ms. Vivian Huang [tel. +86.021.39880442 - huangyb@ctme.cn]


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