China furniture market keeps improving

29 March 2019

The 43rd edition of CIFF, which has just ended with great success in Guangzhou, has highlighted the achievement for an increasingly refined lifestyle by consumers, a constant improvement in the quality of production, a great liveliness of the local market witnessed by ever-growing numbers.

China’s “Two Sessions” 2019, the annual meetings of the national legislature and the top political advisory body, just came to a successful end. It has sent out the message that “China is still at an important period of strategic development, that the Chinese people have stronger aspiration to pursue a better life and that we must maintain and enhance the vitality of market players to strengthen our inner growth momentum”. Mr. Ye Jijiang, Vice President of China Foreign Trade Centre Group, said during his speech at the opening ceremony of the 43rd CIFF, which took place on March 18th in Guangzhou.
This message indicates an important opportunity for the home furnishing industry, which is closely related to people's wellbeing. It helps all the entrepreneurs to regain confidence and is an important guarantee for CIFF to serve the high-quality development of the industry and enterprises. Actually, with the strategic layout in both Guangzhou and Shanghai, the collaboration with China’s leading furniture mall and with the advantage of covering the entire industry chain, CIFF works hard to promote the high-quality development of the exhibition industry as well as the home furnishing industry.

While Mr. Xu Xiangnan, Chairman of China National Furniture Association, reported: “The furniture industry is not just a traditional industry but also an evergreen industry. It is closely related to people’s wellbeing and socio-economic stability. In 2018, the number of scaled furniture companies in China reached 6,300, with a total business turnover of 701.188 billion rmb yuan, up by 4.33%, and a total profit of 42.588 billion rmb yuan, up by 4.33%. Overall China’s furniture industry in 2018 developed stably and achieved steady progress, laying a solid foundation for this year’s development.
In 2018, the total furniture sales volume only in the Guangdong province amounted to over 400 billion rmb yuan. With the most developed furniture manufacturing industry in China and a group of first-tiered brands, Guangdong plays an important role in facilitating the industry quality development. It is hoped that Guangdong can seize the new opportunities of the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao greater bay area, promote the new layout of “belt and road”; accelerate the industry innovation and improve the quality of products and services. It is hoped that by doing so, more customers from home and abroad would choose Chinese products and service.

The Chinese market keeps improving, and the growing success of CIFF, the most important business platform in Asia of the furniture industry, bears witness to this.

 Ye Jijiang, vice-president of the China Foreign Trade Center  Xu Xiangnan, president of the China National Furniture Association