Significant increase and improvement of the Chinese furniture market

02 March 2022

Courtesy of CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies – Milan, Italy

China continues to have a dominant position in the global market, being the largest furniture manufacturer and exporter worldwide, with Chinese furniture products reaching over 200 countries worldwide.

After closing 2020 with a limited drop (in current US$), the Chinese furniture production experienced an important increase in 2021 (+18%) according to preliminary data. This was the result of the positive trend on both the export and the domestic market.
In the last 10 years the average annual increase of Chinese furniture production and exports (in current US$) was worth +4.5% and 5% respectively, outperforming the world average.

China is also the first-largest market in the world. After recording a decrease (in current US$) in consumption in 2020, China recovered fast in 2021: with a preliminary estimate of +12%.China imported around US$ 2 billion of furniture in the year 2021. Italy was the first country partner, supplying one fourth of total imports. In the last ten years Chinese imports from Italy have increased by about 13% annually on average, thus testifying to the extraordinary demand for top-quality products.

Photo: CIFF