The incredible development of Chinese design, the upheaval that is bringing to the furniture industry, the role of designers and the new strategy of companies, had been the topics discussed at CIFF Shanghai with renowned Chinese designers and international journalists.

Camerich, one of China's top furniture brand, invited world-renowned architect Alvaro Siza to create the Siza Pavilion, which officially made its debut at the 44th China International Furniture Fair on September 8, in Shanghai.

The 44th CIFF Shanghai came to a close at the NECC in Hongqiao with record numbers of exhibitors, visitors, and events organized, giving rise to much enthusiasm and thus establishing itself as the sector’s main source of inspiration and business platform in China and Asia at large.

After the outstanding success of the 1st edition at CIFF Shanghai 2018, Design Dream Show will continue the concept of "Time Sojourners", drawing renewed attention to the lives of contemporary younger generations.

The International Symposium will be held on 8 September 2019, during the 44th CIFF Shanghai, on the occasion of the presentation of the Camerich Pavilion designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira.

It is said that “a designer must design a chair in his/her lifetime”. The EAST Design Show 2019 works with SINA to launch the event for the Wall Art Gallery 2019 under the theme of “Do we still need a new chair?”. Let designers use design to change the sitting posture of the world.

CIFF was in Chicago from 10 to 12 June, on the occasion of the most important American office and contract furniture exhibition, to meet old and new friends, to talk about the exhibition’s potential and invite industry professionals to come to know it personally in September in Shanghai and in March in Guangzhou.

The extraordinary 43rd edition of CIFF has just ended and its largest number of exhibitors, visitors, events, the undoubted improvement in the product design and the great satisfaction for the amount of agreements concluded, reflect the ongoing and rapid evolution of a country like China that, increasingly alert, seeks quality, innovation, contents and extreme concreteness.

Intended to convey the home pioneer's guidance and enlightenment to the industry, subvert the sense that consumer lives in to tradition. Since 2016, the exhibition has attracted more than 70 domestic first-tier home furnishings brands and well-known design & art institutions to participate in the exhibition, with a cumulative interactive online and offline audience of more than 70 million, allowing both at China and abroad to witness the growth of China's original design.

"Sharing and Independence: the New Workplace" is the title of the 10th edition of Global Office Furniture Outlook, the seminar organized by CIFF and Edimotion during the 2nd phase of CIFF Guangzhou, where international and Chinese speakersare going to talk about and investigate the new work-spaces of free-lancers, self-employed people and small start-ups.

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