2018 has definitely been an important year for CIFF; a fundamental stage of its growth, and also perhaps of the growth of China in general, because of the strategic alliance established between two furniture sector giants.

EAST Design Show is a furniture design exhibition and a public platform for the display
and turning good designs into good business. Every September, the EAST Design Show is held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Hongqiao, during CIFF-Shanghai.
It had been successfully held for three consecutive years, witnessing the exhibition of growth and harvest. This year, the 4th EAST Design Show will definitely be even more interesting!

Mr. Zhu, EAST Design Show is a unique event that, right from its debut in 2015, has been able to debunk any preconception about Chinese design. So gradually, with each edition, visitors to CIFF have fallen in love with this rendezvous.
What is Chinese design today?
It has to be quite good for Chinese lifestyle, matching with the aesthetic appreciation of Chinese, and it has to be popular among certain consumers.

Is Chinese design, which has retaken possession of its cultural roots, a reflection of the changes that are taking place in this enormous country?
The history of mankind is also the history of design. Actually, Country develops when design develops.

In your opinion, what are the main elements of the design culture of the young generations of eastern designers?
Philosophy is an essential basis for a designer. Without thought (mind), everything will be without its origin.

Many talented young people complete their education abroad. How do hybridisation and integration combine in the Chinese quality product?
It's quite necessary. There is never a nation difference for enjoying beauty and wisdom. We have a wise speaking in China: “there must be one out of three who can be your teacher”. Communication and learning are a way for young generation to experience.

Will the upcoming edition of the EAST Design Show tackle the issue of the differences? Differences that become wealth. Will this be discussed?
I like Lao Zi (philosopher in China, founder of Taoism). He said: one produces two, two produce three, three produce myriad things.
This year is the 4th edition of EAST Design Show, which should be a year of producing myriad things. The theme of this year is “More different, more interesting”.
From topics as large as “concrete” and “abstract”, or as small as things that are seen but not noticed, apparently insignificant, so the selection will be wider. There’ll be architectural designers, costume designers, even sculptors. Of course, we all want to bring art and design to our daily life.
A unique aspect about EAST Design Show is that we are cooperating with three most influential online media in China: Sina Furniture, NetEase Design and Home.Focus.cn.
Last year Sina Furniture started a nationwide trend, showed 100 different cups. This year, they are going to show 100 different washing tools, designed from different designers.
Thanks to the cooperation with NetEase Design, this year we are going to invite young designers from all over the world to show design work which has won important awards like Red Dot, IF, etc.
The exhibition is not only about showing the product, it should also set up topics for media or public to discuss. Like whether winning awards matters in design products. We would like to lead the public to see, what’s more important is to discover the essence of the works.
The last but not least is Home.Focus.cn, there’ll be a very interesting book store opening in EAST Design Show this year, called “WanWan Bookstore”. It’s said: “Read a million books travel a million miles”, so that we have the most interesting book and the most comfortable shoes in the bookstore.
I bet you don’t want to miss EAST Design Show in September in Shanghai!
Interesting designs, Interesting stories. And the most important is, they are all different!
We’ll be waiting you in Shanghai!

 01 42 CIFF EAST 2015

02 42 CIFF EAST 2015

03 42 CIFF EAST 2015

EAST Design Show 2015 – during the 36th CIFF-Shanghai


04 42 CIFF EAST 2016

05 42 CIFF EAST 2016

06 42 CIFF EAST 2016

EAST Design Show 2016 – during the 38th CIFF-Shanghai


07 42 CIFF EAST 2017

08 42 CIFF EAST 2017

09 42 CIFF EAST 2017

10 42 CIFF EAST 2017

EAST Design Show 2017 – during the 40th CIFF-Shanghai


11 42 CIFF EAST 2017

12 42 CIFF EAST 2017

EAST Design Show 2018, a preview of the event area during the 42nd CIFF Shanghai (10-13 September 2018)


13 42 CIFF EAST Xiaojie

 14 42 CIFF EAST Xiaojie

Zhu Xiaojieworked as a stonemason,carpenter, locksmith andaccountant, at last go back to be a craftsman.

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