During the 43rd CIFF Guangzhou-Home Furniture, the rich program of forums and events dedicated to design represents an invaluable source of information on international trends, as well as a point of reference and inspiration for designers and operators in the sector.


Oasis of X Species: New Arrivals of Global Home Furnishing Brands

The Oasis of X Species exhibition, developed in collaboration with jiaju.sina.com.cn and organised by CIFF, outlines the orientation and future trends of home furnishing projects, interpreted using furniture selected from 25 of the most influential and innovative brands.

Ten Parallel Space Exhibition

Ten Parallel, organised by CIFF and home.163.com in the Design Hall, is an exhibition in which ten designers and ten well-known home furnishing brands present ten innovative home environments under the theme “Another Angle of Views.”


Smart Living for Future

CIFF collaborates with Patrick Leung, a world-renowned designer and consultant for the Hong Kong and Tubatu Association of Interior Designers, to organise the exhibition The Smart Living for Future within the Customized Intelligent Furniture area. In this context, three types (60 + 90 + 120) of housing units are proposed, designed with the contribution of well-known brands, such as Haier, Snimay, Jomoo Sanitary Ware, DeRucci, and Zaozuo, to provide new solutions for customising the entire house.

Design Dream Show

The Design Dream Show will explore the new theme of ‘Time-Space Travellers’ with the aim of re-establishing a new space-time community and a vital space for young people, with the presence of 13 famous brands, such as U + Furniture, Xiqi Art, Frank Chou Design Studio, Sureeco, and Ruichi.

D Station – Dandelion Bookseats

CIFF and Dandelion Bookseats have collaborated with famous designers and journalists, such as Ling Zongyong, Guo Xiayi, Zhai Yue, Quan Yong, and Dai Bei, to fashion a creative space dedicated to sharing and reading, capable of restoring the right relationship between people and the urban environment and, at the same time, offering people a new opportunity for dialogue.

D Station – D3 Space

D Station – D3 Space collaborates with famous designers like Zeng Chuanjie, Qiu Chunrui, Du Baijun, Ke Shangda, Zhu Zhikang, Huang Shiyi, and Chen Darui to present conceptual and sustainable projects.

Contemporary Chinese Lifestyle Furniture Exhibition

Dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Space Culture of Home proposes four types of domestic scenarios designed to show changes in the way people live in China from the 1950s to the present.

The Lifestyle & Interior Design Trends Forum

CIFF organises The Lifestyle & Interior Design Trends Forum in collaboration with yidianzixun.com; design experts like Shuhei Aoyama, Chen Dejian, and Zeng Jianlong, along with 100 designers from the sector, share ideas and experiences to build a platform dedicated to interior design, ideal for keeping up-to-date on the latest international trends.









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