The office spaces are there to serve people’s needs. The quality of an environment has an impact on the human body and mind, and the atmosphere of a space also affects people’s productivity, vitality and creativity. This requires designers to take into account the human psychological perception of space and the specific impact of such space on people.

In addition to function as a “social place”, a modern home should also be a “return type” of place for reflection, retreat and a degree of introspection. These two requirements are interwoven in the spatial presentation of Mansion Liu designed by Bob Chen Design Office.

The Guiyang Vanke - Guanhu Sales Center is a space hidden in landscape and isolated from the bustling city. The project is about exploring the boundary between the near and the far and finding the balance between nature and the urban environment.

Tsutsumi and Associates renovated a villa in Hangzhou connecting the four floors with a spiral staircase. In the existing state the vertical connections were completely separated, so the project aimed to strength the relation between the upper and lower floors and therefore the relationships of the family members living here.

The Visaya boutique hotel is located in a natural, pure and independent landscape in Zhejiang province. Designed by ATDesign, it perfectly integrates with the local conditions, laying out a stepped walkway leading to a high place, where you need to pass through a "box" to enter the house, greet guests with a sense of ceremony, and ascend the steps to the destination.


Super Normal Design transformed and upgraded a showroom in Shenzhen that displays Vitra’s products trying to figure out how to pay tribute to previous generations of design masters and how to tell the stories of the brand.

In Chinese culture it's always said that there is "earth" and "heaven" amidst mountains and rivers and the root of everything lie between square (fang) and round (yuan). With the "wheel" of the era moving forward, how do human habitats nowadays bring in landscape and natural things?

Erecting in the magnificent ancient capital Xi'an with a modern and stylish gesture, Sunac appears like a large crystal "gift box", which brings amazing fashionable touches to the land featuring a long history and profound culture.

Superimpose transformed two floors of the WIFC shopping mall in Chengdu into a large, lively and reconfigurable Soho 3Q co-working offices.

Nina Bridal Suite and Ballroom is the pilot project for the re-branded L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre, a hotel rooted in Hong Kong and founded by the late business icon Nina Wang.

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