CUN Design founded a creative industry park that was transformed from a decades-old factory. After rounds of discussions with all the teammates, the Beijing based design studio made up its mind to set up the new studio there.

Almost every designer once has complained there being no client who can give him/her the complete freedom to give full play to creativity. Therefore, many of them attempt to experiment on their own offices with their whole imagination of aesthetics. Nevertheless, it is often the case that designers tend to distract from the main road and be divorced from reality due to excessive intensity. Eventually, the space is likely to be deviated from the original purpose and turned into a showroom out of brainstorming.
That is why we, as designers, need to stay sober and focus on the primitive practical use of the space when it comes to designing a work space for themselves.
In other words, CUN Design is supposed to put themselves in clients’ feet and keep self-disciplined.

Since it’s a working place, the most basic demand is to guarantee a pleasant 700 m2 environment where the staff can grasp a comfortable working distance and, at the same time, high communication efficiency under appropriate illumination conditions and temperature control. As CUN Design is stepping into a new development phase, the space is expected to have various sectors respectively for different departments, as well as to meet the needs of potential expansion in the near 5 years.
Like many other designing companies, its daily work involves not only single-person tasks, but more frequently the teamwork, ranging from material selecting and sorting with suppliers, phased communications with partners, to the internal interactions among all levels of associates.
Considering the developmental stage of the company, it is of great importance to assign a certain area for client reception. CUN Design tried jumping out of the box of a typical design office’s outlook, making it relaxing but not void of business formality.
For a person like Cui Shu, founder of CUN Design, who is occupied with designing work and administration affairs, every minute matters so much. Therefore, he needs this space to serve social function as well, so that he can have friends’ gatherings and business activities without spending time in traveling. In a fast-paced like Beijing, saving time is no different from creating value.

Photo: Su Tang, Wang Ting, Wang Jin

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