The mansion is located in Shanghai Lujiazui, most prosperous business district and embraced with all the world-famous sky-scrappers. The client is an eclectic lady, who feels tense to live in urban life, so, enjoying the panoramic view of Huangpu river seems to be the best thing for a rest.

Fascinating Parisian elegance and comfort is what the client dreamed about, which is also what Nong Studio bespoke for her.
The layout of the 386 sqm mansion - living room, bedroom, and dining room - has been re-organized in a refined way according to level of privacy. The original study was changed to walk-in closet and integrated with the original built-in closet, the master bathroom and the master bedroom to form an entire suite, which can create a private family life unit with the daughter’s room. The study room, dining room, semi-open kitchen, and auxiliary area form another semi-private living unit. Both sides living units is integrated and transited by living room and hallway, where artworks are displayed. In this case, the family life flow and privacy level are re-considered.
In order to display Parisian elegance and comfort, the concise postmodernist furniture has been applied to the elegant and refined Parisian theme. The mixture of the various materials and fabrics - marble, wood, brass, velvet, stainless steel, wool, cotton and linen, and nylon - presents a casual and sophisticated finishing effect. The interior decoration is inspired by classic French elements and brighten hues at same time: the white plaster wall decorative lines with ceiling curved light strip, the natural marble floor pattern with classic fireplace, and the especially master room curved wall with red wood flooring pattern, outline the Parisian elegance. The furniture selection is inclined to both comfortableness and artistry. Other than modern furniture, 18th-century antique mirror bought in the Paris antique market, the Ginger & Jagger eclectic marble shell lamp, an African artist sculpture, and the brass wall lamp designed by artist Paul T. Frankl and so forth, all of them are shaped the special identity, which is the combination of artistry and comfort makes the space ambience softer and more imaginative.
As client’s imagination, her mansion is facing the river with spring blossoms. Nong Studio used design to interpret as keeping elegant, sophisticated, simple but charming, and selected top international furniture brand such Ginger & Jegger, Flexform Mood, Boca do Lobo, Moroso, Flos, Agape, Glassitalia, Gubi, Dolci Sogni di Matilde, Baxter, Tom Dixon, Arketipo, Anna Karlin, Nattuzzi, Holly Hunt, B&O, Knoll, Christopher Guy and ClassiCon.

01 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

For all the elegance, the living room feels modern, light, and fresh with contemporary furniture, collections of eastern arts, antique Chinese porcelains, eccentric antiques from Paris crafts artists.

02 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

The French Régence marble fireplace gives the room a sense of authenticity, built-in invisible speakers were mounted in each of the lower rectangles on either side of the fireplace. Oval shaped sixteen-century antique mirror was purchased at Paris Marche Paul Bert. The dark wood sculptures were from an African artist.

03 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

 The dining room design uses different finishing of color: white, blue and bronze like glossy lacquered woods, embossed leather, met bronze, marble to perform different functions. A large distressed mirror mounted on the ceiling brings a sharper, simpler look to play down the ornaments of the room. To prevent a dining room from feeling of too cold, using gradient blue shades and drapes.

04 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

In the foyer, an antique dressing mirror was purchased from Paris Ouen. Nero Marquina with Calacatte Gold and Carrara checkboard flooring give the entry both a note of austere classicism and alluring grandeur

05 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

In the hallway, small space, dramatic solutions: the plastic fluted walls extend into a curved Calacatte marble wall which is concealed under a pearl-shaped marble scones designed by Ginger & Jagger. On the floor, Triangle Nero Marquina marble has white Calacatte cabochon. Upon an antique wood bench tracing back from Qing Dynasty there stands a porcelain from Chinese famous artist Yu Xiaofu

06 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

07 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

The master bedroom is designed to curved lacquered walls to embrace Shanghai’s breathtaking 1850’s skyline-the Bund

08 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

In the master bathroom, the built-in medicine cabinet is concealed under an antique bronze framed mirror, matching the Calacatte marble walls and checker pattern floors. Chinese porcelain is painted by famous Chinese artists Chen Jialin. Agositini sconces in bronze and crystal were purchased in Rome antiques.

09 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

The walk-in closet is fitted out with lacquered wood framed by bronze

10 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

The daughter’s room is nothing without drama. The pink gradient wallpaper, features hand-painted hot balloon along with cloth-shades balloon pendant transporting the girl on an unexpected journey of whimsy

11 Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

The sun shade light designed by American artist Anna Karlin plays a pendulum above the bed as reading lights

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