Hemu Headquarters is situated at Jiading District, Shanghai. Based on Oriental elements and humanism, the overall design adheres to originality, respects nature, conveys Zenist serenity and embodies traditional Oriental culture.

The original building was built in the 1960s with a yard. As an annexe of Huilongtan Park which boasts a history of over 400 years, the building features a two-storey structure of bricks and timber, gray bricks and tiles with green moss on the surface as well as lots of archways. The yard is surrounded by century-old trees, echoing with jingling bells of Yingkui Mountain nearby. It’s a fantastic place where people can enjoy birds’ twitter, fragrance of flowers and a fantastic view of lush trees.
The whole space designed by Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design shows harmonious integration between the brand and nature, with display area and the front desk on first floor, and working space and reception area on second floor. Combining garments, tea, incense, wares and books, this place allows people to appreciate apparels, taste tea and read books with the fragrance of incense. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, so designers utilized a minimalist approach and natural materials to design the space, hoping to realize harmonious coexistence among clothing, people and nature as well as encourage people to keep a kind heart and discover beauty in spite of vicissitudes of life.

Photo: Zhu Enlong

01 Hemu

The facade of the building is highlighted with large area of windows which are magnificent and modern, forming contrast with the classical Chinese architecture itself. Furthermore, the back yard is featured by Chinese classical elements. At night, the runway show, accompanied by Zenist music, pushes the charm of the space to a climax.

02 Hemu

At the entrance area, the still water pond and the Chinese-style partition walls placed on the corridor together form an interesting circulation leading to the gate and provide transition from landscape to the architecture.

03 Hemu

Stepping into the foyer, a long piece of wooden board that functions as top surface of the front desk pops into eyes, which is perfectly matched with two suspended cloth strips which overturned the traditional setting of front desk background.

04 Hemu

When entering the display area, there is another world. The passageway in this area was constructed with elevated granite strips at the middle, each with certain distance with another, and with white gravels on both sides. Such design adds a Zenist atmosphere to the space.

05 Hemu

06 Hemu

07 Hemu

In both display and working areas, low tables and cushions are arranged, which offers a relaxing way for sitting and highlights the height of the space.

08 Hemu

09 Hemu

10 Hemu

On the second floor, a large amount of old wood resonates with the walls covered in neat cement slurry, together forming a tranquil and austere space which is tailored to the brand culture of Hemu.


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