“Blue is the continuation of life, the sky, the sea, and the heart of a human”. This quote of Lan Duo is behind of the chamber project by H&W Design Office in Xiamen.

The sense of literature of Xiamen is more profound than the freshness of walking by the sea, it is rooted in the undulating waves. The light of the interior space is soft, and the deep sense of modern has kept the low-key luxury temperament of old Shanghai, thus the room presents a narrative tone.
The size of the building is quite small, so all the functions are centered on the elevator shaft. As every space is shallow, and the sunshine of the coastal city is strong, the sunlight will make the room manic. Thus, the designers of H&W Design Office get rid of routine colours used in traditional therapy spaces; instead, they use massive blue to fulfil the therapy and emotional comfort functions of the space.
The feeling of design is the accumulation of life. “Memories of the places you have been to, the tea that you have tasted, the sunshine that you have enjoyed might be awakened slowly in the process of communication. When any of them matches with the demands of the client, you will find an opportunity to express."
With the hope of healing the mind, the H& W design team seeks a balance between modern and tradition, so as to start the journey of healing that goes beyond artistic conception.

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