In a number of different home furnishing projects, neo-Chinese design carries forward the quintessence of traditional Chinese style and oriental aesthetics so as to amaze people with its artistic conception.

Mr. Zong Baihua, a modern Chinese aesthetician, has pointed out that Chinese aesthetic types can be divided into “a mosaic of colors and ornaments” and “lotuses over clear water”. These two types of beauty have their unique charm and, in the history of Chinese aesthetics, are considered to represent two different kinds of aesthetics, or beautiful ideals.

3b Tasting Zen in Tea 01

The Beauty of Lotuses over Clear Water


3b Tasting Zen in Tea 02

The Beauty of a Mosaic of Colors and Ornaments


For the beauty of “Lotuses over Clear Water”, the tea ceremony and floriculture elements are the most striking. “People cannot live without tea in a day.” Let’s savor the oriental charm in a Chinese tea house.


 3b Tasting Zen in Tea 03


Regardless of whether the context is one of mansions, buildings or small rooms, their design should be exquisite, elegant and considerate. The furnishings should reflect elegance and fun.


3b Tasting Zen in Tea 05

3b Tasting Zen in Tea 06


A tea house calls for tranquility and elegance instead of extravagance, it gives importance to the overall rationality of space, and focuses on primitive simplicity, elegance and tranquility.
More empty spaces, no fancy decoration.


 3b Tasting Zen in Tea 07

3b Tasting Zen in Tea 08


Wooden tables and chairs, solid structures; simple but elegant paintings and calligraphy, lasting artistic conception. Transparent, bright and antique; beauty is naturally presented.


3b Tasting Zen in Tea 09


3b Tasting Zen in Tea 10


Tea house decoration is nothing more than flowers, plants, calligraphy, paintings, chinaware and lute & psaltery. A little embellishment highlights the charm. No excessive decoration. In the tranquil and elegant room, when you sip the clear tea, the bustling world calms down.
Let’s take tea!

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