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Company profile

Founded in 1989 as a reliable manufacturer of kitchen hardware, in 2005 Higold decided to expand its business activities with top quality outdoor furniture, first under private label, later on building the brand Higold excellent outdoor.
Higold likes to inspire the luxury outdoor market with the mission to live the excellent life. Not only in China, but all over the world. In 2014 the company started launching the brand internationally with a partner in the Netherlands. At the moment Higold is active in Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Florida and Qatar. In these countries famous hospitality brands like Hilton, Sheraton and Jade Beach have already met the brand and gave their terrace the right ambiance with one or more Higold models.
With the ambition to expand further the international markets, starting from North America, Higold built a complete new sustainable factory, that not only has a great look, but also guarantees the best working conditions; and it obtained all relevant certificates.
Higold believes that design makes a difference. In 2014 they won the prestigious international Red Dot award for the ShenzhouX series, and started the cooperation with top designer Nicolas Thomkins, worldwide known and famous for his original signature, iconic designs & functional furniture. In 2016, Pininfarina Extra started to work with Higold in designing the new head office and also collections of furniture, which sets a benchmark in Higold’s history.

Products highlights

Higold Onda 01

Higold Onda 02

Being conceived for the outdoor, the Pininfarina design team took the inspiration from the dynamism, elegance and purity of the ocean waves, the empty space that is created when a wave is broken, resulting in to a hollow or tube wave (“onda” in Italian). The heart of the collection is the structure, an aluminum band sustaining the cushions and becoming the iconic element of the whole collection. Characterized by fluid lines - as the ones of the wave - the band beyond being an aesthetic element becomes also a functional element, a rigid armrest that can be used to lean objects. The choice of the materials come from the Pininfarina 360° design experience: the aluminum – coming from the car sector - for the structure, the fabrics – used in the yachts for its resistance – for the cushions. The collection is composed by a modular sofa, and a coffee table which offers multiple options to consumers. “We have looked at the magic of nature to give life to Onda which is distinctive and, at the same time, able to be integrated in different environments. Technology and know-how coming from different sectors make it really unique” affirms Paolo Pininfarina, Pininfarina Chairman.


Higold Airport

With the idea of corrugated sheet-metals (CSM) that was used by the Junkers Airplane Company of Dessau as the most suitable material to build the first and biggest fleet of commercially-used planes. The corrugation in various proportions is the synonyms for longevity and a never-aging esthetic appearance. Corrugated metal sheets are inserted into flat-metal frames, which helps to achieve a reasonably functional and structural unity. It also meets the high-quality requirements of outdoor furniture under strong UV radiation, rain erosion and other harsh environments. The seat panel is conventional with textiles for comfort and the cushions following the corrugated style help the body to breathe and relax. A perfect combination of metal and wood by installing wood slats onto the metal armrests to decorate, which looks simple but very luxurious.


 Higold Champion

A bold and unconstrained design without losing warm and delicate feeling; the generous façade and structures echo with the modern architectural style; simple but comfortable, with layers of foam in different levels of softness; the cushions following the corrugated style help the body to breathe and relax. Feeling the beauty of nature outside the metal structure by decorating with teak armrests. A true touch of the heart and a feast for the eyes with ceramic glass table tops on the Champion collection.


 Higold New York

New York
New York follows the architectural style, blending with all kinds of modern construction designs. With special arrangements of the side teak panels under the armrests, it looks more dynamic and iconic. The open design of the teak side panels allows a full airflow to give body more chances to breathe and can be covered with extra pillows if feeling too cool. The bold and generous structure creates a kind of solid and reliable feeling, which you will seldom find.


Higold York

The biggest feature of York lies in its teak side panels, which serve as side tables when unfolded up. With textilene panels being supported as both seats and back-rests, more comfort has been reached than single metal structure. Either with textilene storage box or stainless-steel ice-bucket onto the coffee table, people can enjoy the convenience from such extra function. A classic matching of black & white color makes it blend with all kinds of the environment. Also, it is a good combination of champagne metal construction and taupe cushions.


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