2030+ International Future Office Exhibition

Presenting the future vision of the workplace

15 April 2021

2030+ International Future Office (IFO), the themed exhibitions jointly organized by CIFF Guangzhou and China National Furniture Association, was held during the 47th CIFF Guangzhou 2021 aimed at discovering the latest trends in the workplace and exploring the multiple expressions of art and humanityThe exhibition combined multimedia and new technologies to create an immersive environment that engaged the five senses and stimulated thought and exploration, presenting the most imaginative form of future office.

The IFO exhibition, with a total area of 1,000 square meters, brough together more than 20 well-known brands and world’s leading office furniture companies, including Steelcase, Knoll, Lamex, K+N, Sitland, Cassina, Magis, Gan, Avarte, some cutting-edge office pioneers: X-Work, PWG, Citsol, intelligent lighting control Lutron, high-end hardware solutions Hettich, efficient smart office Dingding and Nreal, high-end electrical appliances Dyson. And more: pioneer representatives of cross-industry innovation, like recycling and upgrading materials Kafftec, creative artwork brand Dprints, virtual vision Uality and other multimedia and new technology brands.
2021 is the year of the turning point for making great transformations and the connotation of the office environment is expanding its boundaries. The introduction of science and technology needs aesthetic support, art grows naturally in the office scene, innovation and change have become the norm to be pursued.

The 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition offers innovative visions of future office scenarios, proposes space design as a sensory experience, and offers comprehensive display of well-known international brands to provide the visitors with the best in the industry, to enhance sensory perception, to experiment and inspire. The cutting-edge curatorial concept, the most expressive space design and sensory experience were all at IFO.
The theme of this year's 2030+ IFO exhibition was "breathing", including six high-quality sections of existence, dialogue, boundary, O-CELL, MEETting and breathing out. At the exhibition site, the audience followed the curatorial team’s guidance and came to various sections, triggering thinking about the future organization of the office. This "Fantasy Journey" attracted the attention of nearly 1.5 million people online and offline worldwide.The most forward-looking visions on the office of the future and the experience sharing, all in IFO
This year's 2030+ IFO exhibition invited 14 domestic and foreign office industry experts to held a number of interesting and inspiring keynote speeches focused on "Redefining Office - The Challenges of Future Office under Hybrid Mode to Enterprises and Employees". On the theme forum of "Contactless and Green Design of Office Space in the Post-epidemic Era", the audience actively exchanged questions with the guests, discussed the development potential of the office industry, and explored the innovation of future office methods.
The most extensive online and offline linkage is all in IFO
IFO published the content of the story exploring the IFO planet through an online public platform, so that the public could get involved and better understand the project. IFO has even used VR technology to provide an immersive online view of the exhibits and conducted offline and online links to allow even foreign audiences, who were unable to be present in person, to be involved in this event.

As a forward-looking exhibition of future concepts for the workspace, 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition used a variety of exhibition methods and cutting-edge concepts to boost the development of the post-epidemic era, provide an exploration platform for the office of the future and to empower the office furniture industry. 

IFO will continue to focus on developing future office trends, focus on industry-leading brands and fostering talent, strengthen brand intellectual property, establish a sustainable display system, produce high-quality future office concepts, and create a future IFO planet more and more complete.

Each year in the future, IFO will continually offer unique experiences and insights into trends.

Photo: CIFF