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Design Dream Show at CIFF Guangzhou 2019

29 March 2019

Intended to convey the home pioneer's guidance and enlightenment to the industry, subvert the sense that consumer lives in to tradition. Since 2016, the exhibition has attracted more than 70 domestic first-tier home furnishings brands and well-known design & art institutions to participate in the exhibition, with a cumulative interactive online and offline audience of more than 70 million, allowing both at China and abroad to witness the growth of China's original design.

Produced by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation, organizer of CIFF and CBD exhibitions, China Foreign Trade Macalline Exhibition Co. Ltd., and Shanghai Red Star Macalline exhibition service corporation Ltd., Design Dream Show at CIFF Guangzhou 2019, with the theme of Time Sojourners, brings the lifestyle of contemporary young people into the exhibition, subverting the audience's impression of traditional home business.

There is a group of people in modern cities called "Urban Nomads, who migrate, work and live all over the world without limitation of location. Most of them live in modular spaces such as apartments and dormitories, hotels and so on. Such uniform space, to some extent, contrary to people's expectations and imagination of the home. It is also more unable to meet people's pursuit of higher and higher quality of life. So, we want to provide a reference for the public through the exhibition Time Sojourners, which not only has a sense of the future of science fiction, but also covers time and space. The exhibition is divided into orderly small spaces like motel rooms. By means of elaborate design of each space, the flexibility and uniqueness of people's home are shown. The open and free future space presented in the exhibition provides "Urban Nomads” with a refuge from noise, confusion, congestion, bad weather and risk. And represents a place of peace, individuality, kindness, rooting and self-protection. Let them have a unique high-quality personal home under similar shells, which is fully in line with their personal preferences.

Frank Chou Design Studio has become one of the most representative independent design studios in China. The studio tries to balance aesthetic differences between the East and West through a unique perspective, and to find the Chinese modern design expression which is also synchronizing with the international design.

Thrudesign was founded in 2011. It designs and builds solid wood furniture, provides pure industrial design service and runs a wood workshop to teach people how to work with wood.

Sureeco has been dedicated to present contemporary oriental design with a broader aesthetic perspective, bringing people a sense of belonging.

Shi Er Shi Man (12 Hours) is an independent Chinese Furniture/Housewares design and retail brand, whose brand name “12-hours slow life” indicates a traditional Chinese measurement of time that A day is divided into 12 Chinese hours.

U+ is a contemporary elegant Chinese furniture and lifestyle brand, founded in 2008. Inheriting Chinese philosophy of moderation, harmony and aesthetics, U+ devote to studying living solutions, rather than focusing only on single products, its design shows respect to nature and humanity.