CIFF’s “Four Pillars”

Boosting development confidence and stimulating market vitality

25 January 2022

China's GDP increased by 8.1% in 2021 compared to the previous year, exceeding CNY 110 trillion (over Euros 15 trillion). Such economic growth is unique globally and demonstrates the enormous potential of the Chinese economy and strong resilience in a world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, that is witnessing accelerated changes never seen in a century.

In this context CIFF Guangzhou, which focuses on the home furnishings sector, one of the "four pillars of traditional consumption", supports industry and companies to build and share opportunities in a "dual circulation" development and defines a model for growth against the trend in the exhibition industry.

courtesy of XinhuanetAt the base of the CIFF leadership in the furniture exhibition industry there are 4 strengths.

Stimulating the vitality of domestic economic cycle with leading quality.
China’s economy has shifted from a phase of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. As the people yearn for an increasingly better life, fully tapping the potential of domestic demand is of great significance to building a new development pattern. CIFF Guangzhou firmly followed the strategy of expanding domestic demand and comprehensively promoted the supply-side structural reform of exhibitions while consolidating its advantages in foreign trade. Even 166 major Chinese brands that have not attended the fair in the last five years will show up at the 49th CIFF Guangzhou. Many other well-known brands will make a new product launch at the fair to market their products. These show the strong vitality and attractiveness of taking advantage of the trend.2.
Building a high-quality development platform for the industry based on original design.
China has transitioned from the world’s factory to the world’s market, and products from “made in China” to “create in China”. Both consumption upgrade and industrial transformation place requirements on and high expectations for original design. Good designs are inseparable from the nourishment and cultivation of big platforms and big industries. In its positioning “Design Trend, Global Trade, Full Supply Chain, All in CIFF”, CIFF Guangzhou provides a fertile land for design, which will undoubtedly bring new and innovative vitality to the industry. At the 49th CIFF Guangzhou, original design will be the focus. An unprecedented number of design brands will be present, even surpassing the peak period before the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, ‘Design Spring’ CIFF Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Fair will gather more than 80 original aesthetic-driven, culture-driven, design-driven, or art-driven design brands and hundreds of designers, artists and curators. It is foreseeable that a wonderful event in the design industry that promotes and integrates the design side, the supply side and the consumer side will be staged.3.
Actively contributing to build a new development pattern with a leading industry layout.
CIFF Guangzhou implements new development concepts. On the one hand, it follows the trend of “smart consumption” and vigorously develops popular products for smart sleep, smart office, smart home, etc., having held large events to display such products. On the other hand, it grasps opportunities in consumption upgrading and preemptively develops emerging sectors like medical care, elderly care, school furniture, etc. It also takes targeted measures in channel building and fosters wider and closer industry linkages by expanding cross-border e-commerce channels to help the home furnishing industry seize development opportunities. In addition, to thoroughly implement the national dual-carbon strategy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and to further promote the comprehensive conservation and recycling of resources, CIFF Guangzhou constantly seeks innovation in exhibition concepts, leading the industry to achieve high-quality green development.4.
Launching widely praised cooperation with “outlets” under leading model 
Beginning from March 2018, China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Foreign Trade Center Group Ltd., cooperates with Red Star Macalline. The win-win cooperation linking “exhibitions” and “outlets” promotes coordinated development of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, fully releases the potential of complementary advantages and resource integration and builds a complete commercial closed loop for brands and dealers. It further optimizes resource allocation of the home furnishing industry, efficiently connects circulation platforms and trade platforms in the industry, realizes the upgrading of industrial structure, and continues to empower the development of the industry.

Photo: CIFF