CMF Trend Lab

Innovating and interpreting future market trends at 47th CIFF Guangzhou

10 April 2021

CMF Trend Lab during 47th CIFF Guangzhou 2021 aimed to innovate and interpret future market trends and leading competitiveness of design by offering information to explore the diverse possibilities of CMF (colour, materials, and surfaces), present a forward-looking and innovative trend exhibition to the audience, and help designers and corporate brands grasp the future trends of home design in the first time, thus producing saleable products.

Jamy Yang, the founder of Yang Design, the most famous industrial design consulting company in China, and the curatorial team offered a complete vision and investigated the logic behind the market data, process technology, economic current events, cultural aesthetics, lifestyle, consumer behaviour, etc., transforming it into 4 Labs: Fabricated Experience Lab, RONG Craft Material Lab, Waste-Free Lab, Exquisite Laziness Lab.

LAB #01 
Fabricated Experience Lab

Virtual reconstruction laboratory - fragmented experience in the digital age

The "Virtual Reconstruction Laboratory" was managed by the main curator, Mr. Yang Mingjie. The workshop intends to explore and show the new characteristics of people's lifestyle, aesthetics and design in the future of the digital age.

"Virtual reconstruction" expresses the characteristics of the era of digital civilization: a complete simulation of the real physical world is established in the digital virtual world, and therefore the real time interaction between the two worlds can maximize its efficiency. This allows us to live simultaneously in two parallel worlds of physical real and virtual digital.

LAB #02
RONG Craft Material Lab
Fusion Technology Materials Laboratory - Fusion of traditional craftsmanship and design trends

"Rong Handicraft Materials Laboratory" was managed by co-curator Mr. Zhang Lei and his team members Ms. Lu Jingyi and Ms. Hu Jingrong.

Based on Rong Design Library research on traditional crafts and materials in 32 Chinese provinces and regions, combined with the latest design trends, a "dialogue" is built between the past and the future to stimulate innovative thinking and practice on traditional craftsmanship. Through the deconstruction and reorganization of materials, it provides the audience with a close experience of the multiple possibilities of integration between traditional Chinese craftsmanship and contemporary design.

LAB #03
Waste-Free Lab
No waste laboratory - Reduce the burden of man-made waste on the earth

"No-Waste Laboratory", managed by the co-curator Mr. Xu Gang, takes the human society facing the shortage of resources and energy and the harm of environmental degradation as a background to explore ways to "lighten the burden on the earth" and experiment with the sustainable development of human society.

Through the presentation of the exhibits, it is hoped that the designers will be guided to pay more attention to the entire process, from the choice of material to the completion of the work, in order to consume less energy and, at the same time, manage the industrial mass production minimizing damage to the environment and maximizing the economic benefits of transformation.

LAB #04
Exquisite Laziness Lab
Delicate Lazy Lab - Create a refined self for pleasure

"Exquisite Lazy Laboratory", managed by the co-curator Ms. Huang Xiaojing, was based on a number of studies related to the new middle class; the hallmarks surrounding this group of people are "exquisite and lazy", being poor is reality and exquisiteness is ability.

When people shop, they pay more attention to cost trends and the recognition of "beauty". In addition to the new taste in line with the contemporary business aesthetic, they are willing to devote more time and money to the experience of personal pleasure.

Among many seminars, during the Keynote Speech CMF Material Master, the three curators Yang Mingjie, Xu Gang and Zhang Lei explained their personal thoughts on the use of new materials for design, showing the latest research results and the latest developments in design work; a dialogue between cutting-edge talents, with the theme of "Crazy Material Design", 8 cutting-edge designers, including Liu Yue, Lifeng, Tang Yumei, Xin Yaoyao, Ye Fan, Wang Keren, Tang Weikun, Wang Yutong, etc., they shared their experiences on the application of several new materials.

Photo: CIFF