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CIFF Guangzhou 2020 closed successfully!

07 August 2020

The first furniture exhibition held during the pandemic reconfirms itself as an essential business platform: 1,607 exhibitors occupied 300,000 square metres of exhibition space and attracted 145,363 visitors.

Solid and stable, CIFF is the first trade fair capable of opening its doors during this difficult moment in complete safety thanks to the absolute commitment and strict protocols adopted: the highest level of alert and attention to every detail guaranteed absolute safety for exhibitors, visitors and employees who, calmly and confidently, were able to work at their best and achieve high figures that were truly unexpected.CIFF Guangzhou, as the primary platform for product launch and trade, both internationally and domestically, has played an important role in securing the stability of the supply chain and industry chain, as well as facilitating the recovery of the furniture industry in the fight against the pandemic.

CIFF Guangzhou has proven to be such a great success that it even surprised the organisers themselves, which shows the trust and confidence that this event has been able to instil in others over the years.Ending on 30th July, the 4-day long exhibition included the entire furniture supply chain under one roof (home, outdoor and leisure furniture, home décor and home textile, office, hotel, and commercial furniture, furniture machinery and raw materials), occupied 300,000 square metres divided into 1,607 exhibitors and attracted 145,363 visitors. Figures that demonstrate the irreplaceable physical exposure for the furniture industry, and that show just how much the experience and the opportunity to touch the quality of the furniture with your own hands plays an important role in the decision-making process of the buyers. This is also why CIFF once again proved to be a partner for companies and buyers and not just a simple trade fair organisation; the effort involved in not cancelling, but simply postponing the 45th edition until a more suitable time, has resulted in greatly helping all players in the sector

But that’s not all! CIFF Guangzhou 2020 has once again reconfirmed itself as a place of dialogue and culture, during this very particular year, with design forums, exhibitions and events.Among the many events, two extraordinary design exhibitions stand out: Design Spring – Contemporary China Furniture Design Fair and 2030+ International Future Office (“IFO”), both of which are essential for understanding the latest trends in the sector, “Design Spring” for promoting the growth and development of Chinese furniture design and “IFO” for exploring the infinite possibilities regarding the future of the office environment.

Not to mention the other 30 events organised: the design forums and the Global Conference Industry Trend Conference 2020 were organised to communicate and promote the future development of the sector and the constant dynamic innovation that has always been the driving force behind CIFF.In the upcoming future, CIFF Guangzhou will continue to innovate the trade fair service models integrated with innovative marketing activities, in order to offer more and more to both exhibitors and visitors.