Each designer needs a chair?

EAST Design Show and Sina at CIFF Shanghai 2019

08 July 2019

It is said that “a designer must design a chair in his/her lifetime”. The EAST Design Show 2019 works with SINA to launch the event for the Wall Art Gallery 2019 under the theme of “Do we still need a new chair?”. Let designers use design to change the sitting posture of the world.

After the “washing utensils”, “a chair” is coming soon! At its fifth year, the EAST Design Show pays tribute to chair designs. A number of exciting new models will be available for you at CIFF Shanghai 2019.
From sitting on the ground to taking off, and then to sitting with our legs pointing straight up. All historic changes have somehow determined by the sitting posture and the posture itself is determined by the chair.
In English, we use the word “chairman”. It represents status, dignity, generosity. The chair stands for individuality, daily life, distinctness, rationality, and sensibility. The chair is both the start and the end of furniture design.

Contributions are welcome! Send your original design manuscript to the EAST Design Show Organizing Committee and fill in the “Collection Form” to submit your application. What are you waiting for? Submit your work now! …people need your chair!

The next edition of EAST Design Show will be held at 44th CIFF Shanghai from 8 to 11 September 2019

The 4th EAST Design Show during CIFF Shanghai 2018