Exhibitors and visitors are greatly satisfied

CIFF Guangzhou 2018

16 April 2018

The two phases of CIFF Guangzhou 2018 have just ended. The turnout of more than 4,100 exhibitors, including 90% of the most influential Chinese brands, and many major international furniture companies, attracted 195,082 visitors from China and from all the key international markets.

Powerful figures, once again higher than before, indicating an enormously successful edition.
An important fair, lasting for 8 days in total, and spread out over 750,000 square metres. The layout was optimised in order to facilitate professionals and buyers in the course of their visit, and subdivided into areas dedicated to the export market, the domestic market and to design, therefore maximising the time available as much as possible.

But apart from the figures, the key feature of this edition was definitely the improvement by the companies, which have undergone profound developments not simply in terms of quality and design, but also as regards the very manner in which a product is conceived. A product is now considered as an element of a system, part of a collection that can furnish and make a real contribution to living and working well. Products that interpret a lifestyle, that can be easily customised in order to adapt to different markets and requirements. Products springing from the hands of young Chinese talent, but also from designers from all over the world, particularly from Europe and the United States. This applies to all the product sectors represented, in which, although clearly in different ways, the product has always been designed in an integral manner.  

CIFF Guangzhou 2018 has proved to be increasingly proficient in selecting companies that are ready for export, and in welcoming foreign visitors who are at all times demanding. 

This venue gave life to luxury and accessibly-priced furniture, furniture with a Scandinavian touch, minimalist furniture items marked by pure lines and eclectic furnishing items that seem to tell a story.  Without forgetting the objects that are at times sophisticated and luxurious, at times ethnic and coloured. New concepts of living in the open air were tested in the halls dedicated to the outdoor furniture.   

There was investigation of intelligent furniture items, able to change the habits of those who utilise them, and to make it increasingly more simple to use shared workspaces and meeting rooms in the offices of tomorrow.
This year’s innovation: furniture for healthcare facilities and retirement houses.

Visitors were able to access the latest furniture manufacturing technologies by means of CIFM/interzum Guangzhou.

CIFF – home furniture – Kuka

CIFF – home furniture – Koda

CIFF – home furniture – Senchuan

CIFF – home furniture – Aris

CIFF – home furniture – Debrah’s

CIFF – home furniture – Landbond

CIFF – homedecor & hometextile

CIFF – homedecor & hometextile

CIFF – outdoor furniture – Artie

CIFF – outdoor furniture – Higold

CIFF – office furniture – Gevanco

CIFF – office furniture – Lightspaces

CIFF – office furniture – Mlern

CIFF – office furniture – Sunon

CIFF – office furniture – UE Chairs

CIFF – furniture machinery & raw materials for the furniture industry

For some years CIFF has been committed to providing always the best, also by means of collaboration agreements that have proved to be successful over time.  

This spirit has given life to the spaces set up in collaboration with Tmall, (one of the largest e-commerce platform in the world, and one of the world’s top 20 visited websites), the Tmall Carnival Trendy Furniture Show 2018, where a selection of products was launched both online and offline at the same time.  

This edition has also raised the curtain for “Witness the Pinnacle”, the Pinnacle Awards Asia-Pacific Design Forum & Opening Ceremony, created by the collaboration between CIFF and High Point Market, in order to demonstrate the strength of Chinese design and of the Chinese product to the world. The official launch of the Pinnacle Awards Asia-Pacific 2018 was also announced, with the aim of identifying the best furnishing products in Asia and in the Pacific region.  
 The China Interiors & Decorations Conference 2018 revealed the current developments in the industry; and the Global Garden Lifestyle Festival 2018 integrated lifestyle, design experience and commercial activities to promote the outdoor furniture sector in an innovative way.

Not to forget the trade matching activities promoted each year by CIFF with a view to generating effective interaction between exhibitors and visitors. This edition involved leading international buyers and players, including The Home Depot, the world’s largest furniture retailer.

The needs of the companies and the expectations of the public were the driving force behind CIFF, which has always been committed to the growth and continuous development of the entire furniture production chain.