International press meeting

CIFF Shanghai 2019

24 October 2019

The incredible development of Chinese design, the upheaval that is bringing to the furniture industry, the role of designers and the new strategy of companies, had been the topics discussed at CIFF Shanghai with renowned Chinese designers and international journalists.

The constant search for a better quality of life, the desire to rediscover values and traditions, the larger number of international brands and designers is stimulating a growing demand for design by Chinese consumers.

The meeting with the international media that took place during CIFF Shanghai 2019, organized by CIFF, Edimotion and the East Design Show, highlighted how the incredible development of Chinese design in recent years has in fact revolutionized the offer of companies, always more determined to create original products and build a new reputation, the way of perceiving the Chinese furniture sector by international journalists and operators and the role and target of the fairs themselves.

Mr. Zhu Xiaojie and Mr. Hou Zhengguang, international renowned Chinese designers and curators of the East Design Show, an event that for five years at CIFF Shanghai tells the poetry and the potential of Chinese design, have emphasized how in the last years the rapid development of design in China is strongly influencing the dynamics of the market itself; a development that is surely bringing more quality into people's lives, but that will necessarily have to be increasingly aware and linked to the criteria of sustainability: hence the invitation to always pay greater attention to the environment, preferring the use of natural materials, recycled and recyclable, avoiding waste and overproduction. And, if necessary, "slowing down", stopping to think about what is really necessary and what is the best strategy to offer products that contain value and traditions.

Ms. Deng Jingjing, Vice General Manager of CFTE Furniture Exhibition Company and Mr. Wu Yidong, Deputy General Manager of China Foreign Trade Macalline Exhibition Co., Ltd., highlighted how CIFF is continuously evolving to respond to a furniture market in continuous evolution, how the fair's investments in the promotion of the design culture have grown and how they will still grow, giving more and more space to innovative and creative companies and organizing more and more cultural events of interest for designers.

This meeting also highlighted the fact that this evolution of Chinese design may in the future bring international buyers to purchase Chinese products not only for their excellent value for money, but also for their Chinese culture and lifestyle content. This meeting contributed to the understanding of the Chinese market and design by the international journalists present and to the increasingly fruitful dialogue between two synergistic worlds that sometimes struggle to understand each other.

Organizers: CIFF | Edimotion | East Design Show