Min Chen

Committed to find the Chinese language in the world of design

19 November 2018

Chen Min Design Office is a multi-faceted design practice established by designer Min Chen whose production ranges from the design of objects to technological products and interior architecture.

Admittedly there are lots of essences from traditional culture that needs to be inherited. But that never changes design being modernized and internationalized. Finding the best bonding point of tradition and modernization, east and west has always been what Chen Min Office is good at. Chinese design must become a language that used by the world instead of staying superficially as some style.

Min Chen considers design as a language, which has its origins, depth, and history. It stays open and evolves over the time. It expresses life in all aspects and becomes the essence of it. On the other hand, language has a great variety in all kinds of logic, convention, tradition, culture, and philosophy, and so does design.

Min’s Chair
As one of the most classic Chinese furniture, the Ming style carries a special gene of oriental simplicity. This project explores a series of Ming furniture in a modern technological and social context in China, in order to bring back the essence of Ming furniture to people's life in a more contemporary and innovative yet practical and ecological way.

One material, three standard modules, flat package, easy assembly by end-users.  The Steamer series apply the rational use of the material bamboo by a complete industrialized way of manufacturing in order to develop the sustainability of the product to its high limit. However, the innovation doesn’t stop at the technical level but digs deeper into the heritage of the Chinese culture and tradition. The form of traditional steamer is interpreted into a modern context of living environment and represents an interesting direction of Neo Chinese.

Hangzhou Stool 
Being made of bamboo veneers, the Hangzhou Stool is a simple compact piece of furniture that takes the advantage of the special quality of the material. The flexibility not only offers suitable comfort, but also expresses the relaxing and free atmosphere of the Hangzhou city.

It comes with a new footwear concept of non-left-right and only in S-M-L sizes. The whole footwear is made of one piece of synthesized fabric with a triangle-structured pattern.  The pattern not only functions as body protection but also brings a totally fresh looking.

It develops the craft skills and techniques from traditional earthwork and conserves the details of an ancient Chinese window into a block of crystal resin.  The LED in the frame envelops the ancient window and casts light upon it, upholding its history and spirit.

Suit chair is inspired by swimsuit. The idea is to give the user freedom in the scapula positions, and also sufficient healthy support for other parts of the body.