The spring of Chinese original design

Design Spring at 47th CIFF Guangzhou 2021

01 May 2021

“Chinese original furniture in the process of upgrading from art to life, from China to the world, from the present to the future, and from thought to action”. This is how chief curator Wen Hao defined “Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Show, which was held was held during the 47th CIFF Guangzhou 2021, adhering to the trinity of "art, design, and life" curatorial concept, promoting original design to drive commercial changes, boosting domestic demand, create opportunities and an ideal Chinese original cluster.

Covering an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters with more than 80 Chinese original home design brands, hundreds of Chinese artists and designers teamed up to promote the development of Chinese design and offer a guide to visitors so that they may better understand the current level of design achieved.

The quality standard of “Design Spring” was really high and proposed a clear vision: providing a display platform for Chinese original designs, initiate exchanges and interactions of ideas, allow local brands, designers and projects to gain international respect and recognition.

Wen Hao, Song Tao and Hou Zhengguang, the three main curators of “Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Show were committed to creating an "ecology" for Chinese contemporary design: not only to connect the upstream and downstream of design and production, but also to let the brand in Radiation in the horizontal dimension. Each product presented in this show contributed to defining a context full of value, favouring the understanding of the beauty of the domestic environment by contemporary Chinese people; after this exhibition, these suggestions are destined to develop further and enter real life.

Design Spring was not only a platform to understand the current situation of Chinese furniture design and to promote the development of Chinese furniture design, but also an effective guide to explain how to use Chinese design furniture and objects, with the mission of "continuously fulfilling the desire for a better life in China" and the vision of "creating an original Chinese design ecology based on projects".

Through Design Spring, the art and sociability of design have been integrated in an excellent way. All those who love life have not only seen beautiful design objects but could also have a glimpse of their ideal lifestyle.

Design Spring showcased local lifestyles in different regions of China, showcasing the diversity and integration of Chinese design in terms of raw materials, design legacy and innovation. Beyond their origin, all projects are moving in the direction of the realization of the ideal life. This is the spring of Chinese original design!

Photo: CIFF