Tony Lee

Simple design, strong emotions

18 June 2018

“The design should be simple, but the emotion should be rich”, this is the philosophy behind the work of the emerging Chinese designer Tony Lee. 

Founder of the Shenzhen-based Jihe Studio, Tony Lee is expert in creating fine design with concise points, lines and surfaces.

The studio actively participates in design exhibitions at home and abroad like Salone del Mobile Milano and CIFF Guangzhou; its collections have been selected and displayed at the East Design Show during CIFF Shanghai 2017 and had been rewarded with the Pinnacle Awards Asia Pacific 2017. 

In China, jade represents purity and well-being. Jade sofa is round, and the lines of its backrest are simple and smooth. It is equipped with four capsule-shaped wooden feet, which are round and presented in a soft manner, offering people a feeling of warmth and comfort in general. Jade well express the designer’s idea the design should be simple, but the emotion should be rich.

This side table adopts the design of imbalance, which seems like falling over. But rest assured, its center of gravity is located at the bottom and is very steady. In daily life, we must have encountered the situation of accidentally knocking off the vase on table. The designer subtly combines vase with the side table, which turns out to be very interesting.

The chair is inspired by the texture of ocean’s shells. The lines are complicated and graceful but also full of regularity. The manufacturing process of the backrest’s texture is quite complicated, allowing people to feel the exquisiteness of texture. The structure of the chair is quite special and refreshing as its backrest is extended to the ground as a whole and its round cushion is supported by several simple metal bars.

The floor lamp is designed by Tony Lee in a very simple way, consisting of two discs and two metal rods. People often read in the light; when you want to have a rest, you can put the book on the lamp, and just take and open it when you want to start reading again. Here, the lamp acts as a bookmark, recording your reading time.