Surprising and creative poetry

20 April 2021

The pandemic in which we have found ourselves has definitely changed our perspective on the concept of home, having become much more than just the backdrop to domestic life. Indeed, houses have transformed from places in which people spent only a few hours a day to places of work, socialization and leisure.

It is from these considerations and new perspectives that the latest Ziinlife collections have come to life. A young Chinese brand, Ziinlife* has since its establishment in 2013 based its philosophy of design and production on the ability to innovate and surprise through creativity and poetry.

This is how the Building within building collection was born: furniture pieces conceived as buildings within these “room-cities” that create new connections with people who live there and with the objects contained within, transforming themselves both into instruments of containment as well as architectural features that characterise the surrounding space. These are all innovative designs conceived in order to create verticality in time and fluidity of space.

High quality and attention to detail are both hallmarks of Ziinlife’s pieces of furniture that personalise the environment with unprecedented varieties of texture and the richness of materials selected with care like wood, glass and natural stone. Island Cabinet, Insight Cabinet, Marseilles Cabinet and Mies Cabinet are all containers, sideboards and bookshelves designed as architecture, following a rhythm of dualism between full and empty, light and shadow.

This is also the case for Fifth Avenue Bed: a veritable architectural element for the bedroom in which - when the bed is used as the only stable element - containers and nightstands rotate freely around, thus creating an elegant and organised space.

Meanwhile, the FooChow Chair collection, presented in three different versions for the dining room, bar and lounge, takes inspiration from the traditional dragon-boats of FuZhou, paying tribute to the iconic culture of the city.

This is how the pandemic becomes an opportunity that allows us to fully understand the value of quality within our dwellings which, truly like a city, becomes the setting to our lives. “Room-cities” where it is beautiful to live and in which the natural element is its charming transformations; this is Ziinlife’s point of view.

The new Ziinlife collections have been presented in advance as part of the “Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Show, the special CIFF Guangzhou 2021 event in which the most influential Chinese brands of design are selected to represent the best of Chinese design.

*Ziinlife is an innovation-driven design brand headquartered in Shanghai which believes in creativity. It’s a keen observer. It’s a style boundary-pusher and innovative thinker. In this way, each and every Ziinlife design bears a mission of surprising, inspiring and empowering.

Photo: ©Ziinlife