Aeriedesign new office

Respecting the neighborhood spirit

14 April 2020

As an experienced expert of the design industry, Aeriedesign has always aspired to create a story. The office should not only be a place for serious work, but also a place for friendly socializing and for being transported into a different dimension.

Aeriedesign discovered an old garment factory in the deep recesses of a narrow alley in the Gulou District of Nanjing; they created their new workspace by shaping the spatial structure fully respecting the space’s nature to integrate it with the spirit of the neighborhood. To capture the moment, it was needed to balance the conflict between the space’s serenity against the cacophony of her surroundings, preserving façade and characteristic.

When a visitor takes the first step through the gate, it should seems as transported through a portal to a different context, one that is the antithesis of one step prior. 

Delving further, we will see an almost completely open area integrated into the building’s bulk structure. The floor and wall are monolithic, continuous and unified. Through the built-in difference in elevation in the floor, the space is conveniently delineated into different functional zones.  One could be an office with co-workers then, within a few steps, a place where to drink tea with friends around a fireplace.

The structural support and beams retain the original appearance of the old civil construction, only for dust cover treatment. The outer layer of the building carries a long history, but with a new meaning, a tribute to the present of the decades-old factory building.

The central island bar and the floor are made of the same material, which is designer’s interpretation of the power of nature. Functionally, the bar effectively connects the office areas on both side of the space, realizing efficient work communication.

As designers who grew up in the center of Nanjing, the team of Aeriedesign have a special connection to this city. As Nanjing lies on the Yangtze river, they celebrated this relationship by bringing a part of the Yangtze into our fish tank in the form of river stones. The Yangtze river stones bring a deep red, inciting a heavy sense of age into the walls and present in the form of rammed earth wall.

The existing skylight has been repurposed to realize the interflow between indoor and outdoor so that the bamboo inside the space may thrive. Simplicity is not to give up the attention to detail, but to focus on the minutiae.

Photo: Emma