Design strategies inspired by the landscape

Muda Sky Office in Chengdu

22 December 2021

At the height of 160 meters and with a 270-degree view, Muda's new office site is located on the 38th floor of Chengdu China Resources Building: when you look around, you can appreciate the gorgeousness of snow mountains on the west, and the well-constructed city skyline and urban footprint.

Full-height glazing blurs the boundary between the cityscape and office interior, while the mullions and columns framing the city view with different dimensions and perspectives.

Muda hopes its design strategies could be inspired under such scenarios.

Muda added the suspended ceiling with hollowed-out wooden texture grids, creating a well-organized spatial texture. The main consideration for the spatial design was comfortability. To begin with, the designers selected the wood color as the base and performed it with different materiality on the ceiling, floor, and interior façade.

At the same time, the white office tables revitalize the space; the bare concrete columns empower its sense of potency and time; the well-designed furniture system and flexible space divisions, compose a contemporary urban Shan-Shui painting.

The spatial design of Muda's new office was aimed to reconsider and build up the ambiguity of the space in physical form, from the contemporary aspects of openness, comfortability, and intellectualization. “We are only able to construct after to survive; housing is the biological expression of human beings, which suggests the desire to seek for the origin.

A working space highly associated with city development would help Muda to better incorporate its understanding of humanity, architecture, nature, and city within future globalization and design practice.

Photo: HereSpace