DongFengYun Hotel Mi'Le

Dialogue between art and nature

19 March 2022

The architecture, conceived by renowned artist Luo Xu is based on the "austerity, simplicity and authenticity" design concept. The interior design by CCD drew inspiration from local cultural context and leveraged simplistic languages to integrate the space into nature. 

DongFengYun Hotel Mi'Le is housed in a postmodern architectural complex constructed in red brick by the local artist Luo Xu and heavily steeped in the diverse artistic atmosphere of its surroundings and poetic natural scenery. Its smooth curves form a unique blending effect with the surrounding oriental art town, beautiful lake shore, and rolling mountains. Featuring grape culture, natural scenery, and cultural tourism, is located in Mile, Yunnan Province.
A member of the MGallery hotel collection, DongFengYun Hotel Mi'Le features 232 modern rooms and suites, 2 restaurants and 2 bars. The interior design of the project by CCD / Cheng Chung Design fully integrates the local culture and ethnic culture. The hotel's vision is to define a new realm of stay experience that belongs to the body, heart, and soul.
CCD team extracts the curved lines of the building and applies them to the entire interior space. Every article in the space is an artwork. The curved steel panel at the entrance leads guests to enter the interior while adding an artistic touch to space and evoking imagination as well. Besides, the thriving greenery inside enlivens the dining atmosphere.
Natural light casts onto rough bricks, which are well-matched with soft lighting and tasteful furnishings, together producing an environment that encourages guests to interact with space and nature. The overall interior design turns dining into fantastic multi-sensory experiences.

The lobby continues natural design languages, and meanwhile shows full respect to architectural structures and local culture. Plain materials such as local red burnt bricks, cement, clay and crocks are adopted, so as to unify the tone of the interior space and integrate it with the building into a whole.
The names and design of all guestrooms pay tribute to local art such as painting, pottery, dyeing and composition, as well as treasures like jade and pearls.

Every detail retains the trace of local craftsmanship and secretly tells its own story. With "warm ambience" and "original simplicity" fusing into the space, the design fully embodies the hotel's aesthetic philosophy - "Art dialogues with everything, inspiration portrays life".

A natural, simple atmosphere suffuses the overall space. Through various forms, the design realizes the symbiosis of natural elements and architectural space.

Photo: Wang Ting, Qiu Xin