EASE Leisure & Art

A micro urban renovation to rediscover Dongshan District of Guangzhou

26 November 2019

EASE was renovated from a miniature old city by PMT Partners: the 300-square villa has a variety of functions such as exhibitions, lodging, studios, bars, and more; and aims to be an integral part of the reconstruction of Dongshan's memory.

During the Republic of China era, Dongshan District of Guangzhou was inhabited by members of the dignitaries and the privileged class, whose luxurious lifestyle was marked by the celebrity parties, villa clusters, blocks of Western houses and splendid attires have become the folklore of the generation. Having witnessed the country’s ups and downs, today Dongshan District is now becoming a more charming and glamourous neighbourhood.

The four-floor building renovated by PMT Partners was formerly used as a Sauna House with small arched windows and a carved iron staircase connecting each floor. People may no longer have time to experience the moments brought by the fast transformation occurring in the city. The small arched windows of the original buildings, as an element linking the past and the present, are substantially preserved in the designs to allow the view of other buildings from different ages in a kind of mosaic way.

The intent of the project was to create a space that could respond to changes in business needs. EASE is a space that combines shared and private spaces and has many undefined spaces to be used in different situations, exploring the possibilities of future community life.

The five-storey villa will offer a homestay, a micro studio and a small exhibition space. At EASE, different cultural groups have come and organized many mini-concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and talk shows. Thanks to these events, EASE has genuinely become the “amplifier” for the voice of the community, a testament of urban life, whose diversity is largely appreciated.


Photo: Zeng Zhe