The optical potential of visual experience

07 April 2020

At night, anyone passing by Heze Guangzhou Road No.1 will be attracted by the architectural space on a piece of water area that presents the artistic language features of the Russian supremacism animateur-Malevich without an exception.

As China’s development and urbanization continues, property developers have begun to expand into new markets such as third and fourth-tier cities. Sales offices have become an important conduit for them to demonstrate their brand’s strength and design philosophy.

These offices are not only community activity centers and lounge areas for client communication, but also a promotional window to attract more clients to buy properties.

After most of the properties have been sold, however, the usefulness of these offices declines. The purpose of this project is to reconsider the special function of the sales office building, in hopes of making it more sustainable through design, by becoming a symbolic public building for the future community and city.

The building, designed by AOE is made of the high-transparent ultra-white glass for the whole body, the objects, spaces, materials, and colors inside the building are visible under the rendering and inspiration of light, conceived by Puri Lighting Design.

The architectural concept is based on the artistic supremacism that reflected the social and technological changes of the 1920s, with the intention of expressing the mutual influence and interdependence between physical and virtual space in the digital age.

The objects in the building are designed to float in an unstable state. Each object echoes a corresponding function in a unique form, including the entrance (horseshoe), model area (big camera lens), enterprise brand (blue stone), office area (orange-colored box), etc.

In order to meet the visual effects of the space light using and the dreamlike change, lamps are divided into two parts, one is the 3000K warm yellow color used at ordinary times, and the other is the full-color conversion that can be dimmed.

The negotiation area with strong diamond cutting sense forms a dynamic image through the mirror material in the space to the human beings and objects in the space. The red carpet in the negotiation area peremptorily attracts the public's sight. Undoubtedly, from the moment of encountering the light, Heze Guangzhou Road No.1 has been destined to start an attempt and exploration of comprehensively actuating the light potential which starts from vision but goes beyond vision. This is a new life experience and a design behavior of saluting the future.

Photo: Ligang Huang