Immersive socializing scene

NEXT Sales Center in Hangzhou

14 August 2021

The project of NEXT Sales Center blends modern style and the features of the era, and depicts a series of pleasing interaction scenes. The design tries to discover the infinite possibilities of urban life and interprets the spiritual pursuits of young urbanites.

Located in Shushan Area of Hangzhou, a city with a rich cultural context and dynamic momentum of development, the project is the sales center of the residential development "NEXT", and an urban life experience center.Local design practice GFD was commissioned to conceive the space. With deep insight into the aesthetic taste of young generations, the design team created an immersive experiential and interactive space of 396 m2, which showcases the new image of urban community and a modern dynamic lifestyle to young urbanites. 

The overall spatial pattern is clear and smooth. An interactive bar area is placed at the middle, which carries young generation's imagination about community life and breaks its boundary.

The materials set the overall tone of the space. Dominated by dark gray hues, the foyer presents graceful and rhythmic visual effects. The gray wood-grain marbles and granite go well with the bronze-like stainless steel. Though with different forms and textures, those materials are connected in an orderly manner, which creates a sense of extension visually and guides visitors to enter, explore and experience the space.

At the lobby, black wooden veneers and dark-green wall cloth are matched perfectly, producing a restraining yet stylish atmosphere.
In the property model display area, the model table adopts the same light hue as the floor, making the building models seem to float above clouds.

The lighting fixture above it features a sense of layering and gentle curves, which creates a futuristic feeling and meanwhile weakens the visual boundary and produces smooth, harmonious rhythms.

The bar counter is set at the center, which carries the spirit of the design and simulates the interactive mode of fashionable young urbanites. The dark green L-shaped bar counter creates an immersive socializing scene. This open area is in tune with the era and the brand's DNA and evokes local young urbanites' imagination of a pleasant community life.
The furniture at the conversation area integrates hard textures and soft lines, which outline modern three-dimensional forms. The furnishings are arranged and combined orderly, which offer diversified settings for socializing and interaction.

The natural light introduced into the space changes throughout the day and evokes people's contemplation. With green and pink as major tones, the kids' play area is beside the conversation area.

Photo: Li Dong