Coworking Spaces

07 August 2019

For over 4 years architecture and design company anySCALE has designed and developed 25 co-working spaces for SOHO 3Q creating 18,000 workplaces. Behind the successful collaboration, one finds the two companies daring to make the first step forward into the future and innovations. 

anySCALE is a renowned architecture and design company with an international background, with offices around China. Before starting the first project for SOHO 3Q, anySCALE has been engaged in a couple of projects for SOHO China. In 2014 SOHO’s strategy then was to build up coworking spaces in two locations simultaneously: Beijing (brand new Wangjing tower designed by Zaha Hadid) and Shanghai (Fuxing Plaza mix-use development designed by GMP), in order to test the Chinese market before committing to the new branch of business.

SOHO 3Q Tianshan

From the first 2 locations developed for 120 days, in more than 4 years SOHO 3Q has grown to 30 locations, reflecting enormous growth of Chinese development and needs to work fast and smart.

SOHO 3Q Fuxing Plaza D

More than 80% of all 3Q projects are housed in the existing SOHO properties, shopping malls, office towers, and mix-use buildings. The trick was that initially all those spaces were designed to fulfill completely different functions, and now they had to be redesigned and adapted for the appropriate use from the original layout and to become attractive co-working spaces. This challenge makes for more creative solutions and fascinating design outcomes for realized projects: redesigning office floors of the upper-level office spaces, turning shopping mall floors and retail podiums into coworking spaces, and bringing life to the underground ‘leftovers’, originally used for food courts or storage.

SOHO 3Q Bund

SOHO 3Q Zhongshan Plaza

The key pillars for creating the inspiring coworking spaces are splashes of color, open spacious areas, automation of the design processes and comfortable lighting for work. In each 3Q space, a lot of white is used, with wooden, and concrete materials added to the ‘canvas’ palette. White has been supplemented by warm fresh colors, in the beginning, more by orange, yellow, red, and later designers added the fresh green, pink, blue tones. 

SOHO 3Q Tianshan

SOHO 3Q Sanlitun Soho

Compared to the US coworking style practice, which is more of a masculine type – heavy, dark and in rich woody manner, SOHO 3Q designers together with the Company itself, wanted to have a feminine design for the coworking, and also to fit with the Chinese market. In order to bring the airy and light temper, designers apply very light wood for each project – on the floor, on the walls, as well as for the custom build furniture.

SOHO 3Q Danling

SOHO 3Q Shenzhen

SOHO China is the pioneer to develop 3Q coworking spaces in China. Together with anySCALE ‘s reformative approach, the collaboration further influenced co-working development around China. Following the Corporate Identity developed by anySCALE, SOHO 3Q brings more ‘hip warm and easy’ concept to the entrepreneur world and start-up community on a nationwide scale.

SOHO 3Q Galaxy Soho

Photo: Jerry Yin, Xia Zhi, CreatAR and Soho China
Source: v2com