Soho 3Q in Chengdu

Vibrant and creative co-working space

07 May 2020

Superimpose transformed two floors of the WIFC shopping mall in Chengdu into a large, lively and reconfigurable Soho 3Q co-working offices.

The 3rd and 4th floor of a 12,000 square meter centrally located low-occupancy WIFC shopping mall was converted into a vibrant and creative platform for Soho 3Q, China’s leading co-working office space developer.

Large movable meeting pods are placed in the public space to create maximum flexibility.
Superimpose collaborated with Belgium photographer Kris Provoost and developed a tracing technique to translate his “Beautified China” series into full-height huge wall murals to enhance the “Man made city” concept.

The existing mall consists of two distinct zones: the curved and “fluid” atrium zone, which connects to the other mall floors with the atrium void, and the more orthogonal shaped area situated underneath the high-rise office tower. Superimpose interpreted the two zones as separate worlds and themed them according to the two distinct characteristics of Chengdu: the “Land of Abundance” and the “Man Made City”.

The “Land of Abundance” zone is designed as a lush green space with natural materials, such as wooden furnishing, stone flooring and wooden wall lattices. The color palette has different tones of green, yellow and grey. The main space is a large and flexible forum area inspired by the Sichuan plains. The plan setting out of this zone embraces fluent and curved lines, filleted corners and “soft” furniture pieces. Plants and bamboo are placed in strategic places to provide a green backdrop to the working areas.

The “Man Made City” area, dominated by large tower cores punching through, is designed by using orthogonal geometries and industrial materials such as cement board, aluminum and concrete. The color palette consists of tones of grey, blue and salmon pink.


Photo: Kris Provoost + CreatAR