Spiral Villa

Boosting family communication

10 July 2020

Tsutsumi and Associates renovated a villa in Hangzhou connecting the four floors with a spiral staircase. In the existing state the vertical connections were completely separated, so the project aimed to strength the relation between the upper and lower floors and therefore the relationships of the family members living here.

First, Tsutsumi and Associates defined the staircase which takes charge of vertical movement as a symbolic existence, then moved it near the center of the floor and designed a spiral staircase with a strong centripetal force so that it could be seen from anywhere on each floor. Next, in order to absorb more day light and strengthen the relationship between the upper and lower floors, the slab on the second floor was partially removed, and a staircase was designed along the living room.

On the 3rd floor, there is a children’s rooms. The open space facing the spiral staircase is set up as kids space with cushioned tatami mats. Along the windows and wall, we designed small "room" where children can play freely and read books comfortably with the conscious of Louis Kahn philosophy.

On the attic, there was set up as a husband and wife's workspace, and the roof was partially removed so that more sky light could enter to the room and spiral staircase. Since the height cannot be ensured, the existing beams are exposed. For the air condition, the floor-standing air conditioner is hided behind the peripheral wall. At night, the ceiling is softly lightened up by indirect lighting installed on the table.

Photo: Sensor Images