The Guiyang Vanke

Living under mountains and beside water in Guiyang

16 July 2020

The Guiyang Vanke - Guanhu Sales Center is a space hidden in landscape and isolated from the bustling city. The project is about exploring the boundary between the near and the far and finding the balance between nature and the urban environment.

It's a space that enables people to get close to nature while immersing in artistic interior scenes. ONE-CU Interior Design Lab adopted dramatic and artistic expressions to interpret the relationship between the spiritual world and natural environment, intending to guide people to live a cozy life close to nature. Artworks in the space were used as the media to communicate inner languages.

The project is situated at a plot which boasts enchanting lake view, isolated from the bustling downtown area. Taking advantage of the natural surroundings, the design team tried to build a space that integrates with mountains and water.

In addition, they worked to create a sensitive spatial atmosphere, hoping to provide subtle and touching sensory experiences.

Functional areas are scattered throughout the space, generating a smooth and clear circulation. The designers well balanced the relationship between the implicit and explicit and also incorporated unknowns and interaction into the layout, in order to leave more space for imagination. The interaction between people and static items stimulated by the unknown can inject vitality into the space.

The foyer features a beige hue and blank surfaces, which produce a simplistic spatial tone. Marbles with grains and wooden art installations were brought in to alleviate the empty feeling of the expansive space. Items in the space are connected with nature and art. Only when interacting with people can they start playing a role.

The full-height partitions generate an implicit aesthetic while showcasing magnificence. The passageway is partly hidden, attracting visitors to explore the space inside. Many elements in the space embody natural forms and textures.

The shared space is defined by openness and integration. A shelf full of artworks and books erects in the space, functioning as part of the wall and making a difference to visual effects. The light hues balance the massiveness of architectural structures, and also enrich the sense of layering of the space.

The water bar is closely connected to the resting area and negotiation area, together forming a socializing anchor point. Featuring artistic aesthetics and minimalism, the space stimulates people to interact with nature. The window blinds reveal part of the outside scenery and immerse the visitors in the beauty of nature.

The circular seating booth provides different angles of view. With the fireplace at the middle, this area offers a warm and pleasant atmosphere for talk.

The project conveys a lifestyle where people can stroll around mountain shades, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and coexist with nature in harmony. It provides a pure environment, guiding modern urbanites to explore the ideal living experiences in their mind.

Photo interiors: Interpretation Sublimation
Photo landscape: Yima Benteng, Xueer, Jin Wei