Visaya Hotel Huzhou

Into the nature!

20 April 2022

The Visaya boutique hotel is located in a natural, pure and independent landscape in Zhejiang province. Designed by ATDesign, it perfectly integrates with the local conditions, laying out a stepped walkway leading to a high place, where you need to pass through a "box" to enter the house, greet guests with a sense of ceremony, and ascend the steps to the destination.

To surrounding environment using acme, designers use large area be born glass to make the natural landscape and space out of the window, the whole building is like a space open to nature, to satisfy the people are yearning for natural and pure, in such a minimalist space, feel the time rest, enjoy the beautiful artistic conception.

In the Visaya Hotel, a modern lifestyle permeates every detail, with the infinity pool facing the mountains in the distance, offering a panoramic view of the landscape. By dividing the area into swimming pools, the designer has created functional partitions to meet different needs. The breeze stirred, and the blue water sparkled in the sunshine, quiet and moving. On the other side of the pool, an underground wine cellar is created, with a cavernous view of the brick interior, which houses a variety of rare wines.

The living room area on the first floor adopts the way of getting through on both sides to connect the swimming pool and the outdoor bonfire rest area, so that the space is opened to the maximum, and the reception desk, bar area, sofa rest area and video and audio area are divided into dynamic and static zones, ensuring the independence of each space. Shuttle among them, can relax down to enjoy the party activities. The outdoor campfire recreation area is surrounded by a hot spring pool where you can feel warm and relaxed in winter.

In order to make guests feel the fresh experience of "opening the door and jumping into the pool", the guest rooms on the first floor will connect the outdoor with the indoor, surrounded by water and with a private courtyard and a hot spring pool, allowing them to experience a more independent private resort space.

Visaya has seven rooms. In order to inject the concept that "each room is a separate space", the designers divided the building into three volumes, which can lengthen the building and broaden the view, while ensuring the privacy of the rooms. Each room can fully feel the surrounding natural landscape into the interior, as if sleeping in nature, enjoy the natural philosophy of life. The other two rooms on the second floor are in the form of loft, where you can not only see the starry sky at night, but also experience the fun of sliding, playing in nature, and enjoy a simple sense of balance and freedom.

Guest room in the design will do the pillar back processing, and corner glass to the title, so that the natural reflection into each corner of the room. The bed and bath crock are apart from the window only one step, pulled closer the distance between the person and nature more. The basement has a dining room, a meeting area, a kitchen and a baking area, with a long window button on the wall. The light is reflected through the water, making the space brighter and more open.

Photo: Song Ye