YooYuumi Kids Club

Where the aesthetic charm of China meets West

23 March 2020

Different from the traditional parent-child space such as playground, the parent-child restaurant is a place to meet the social needs of different groups of people. 

The parent-child restaurant brand YooYuumi, based on the new romance, blends in perfectly with eastern leisure pattern.

The design team of X+Living carefully observes the difference in the psychological sense between parents and children and takes good care of the ritual feelings required by adults and the entertainment facilities necessary for children in the same space. 

The front hall has been given a combination of reception, retail, leisure and other functions. Designer has created an elegant living room with several sets of elaborate cabinets and comfortable sofas. The furniture such as chairs and coffee tables are used for display. Consumers are like a owner’s friend, and appreciate the daily parent-child products carefully selected by the owner.

The decorative style of the front hall extends to the shoe-changing area, which is like walking into the castle's long hall. The exquisite large wardrobe and display cabinet are used as shoe cabinets, which not only protect guests’ privacy, but also fully takes care of the psychological needs of consumers of being elegant.

The innovation of the furnishings scheme, while weakening the purpose of the function, simultaneously integrates the client's business appeal into the overall space aesthetic. The designer used the space in the Western aristocratic life scene to evoke a sense of ritual, which has displayed the elegant etiquette service towards the targeted groups.

In the theater themed restaurant, the distribution of tables and chairs imitates that of the banquet hall, so that each part has a beautiful view of scenery whatever your glance rests on. In limited space, designer built a castle-like children's entertainment area on the outskirts of the restaurant and a flexible path to connect the children's favorite rides.

With architectural design techniques being used, designer expresses traditional Chinese papercutting using western aesthetic lines. Furniture and lamps seem to be folded from the wall, full of elegance and childishness. This design method not only highlights the three-dimensional sense, enriches the spatial hierarchy, but also completes the artistic exquisiteness and fun in details. Designer used the architectural method to create a strong special sense with arch and linear elements.

The deconstruction, reorganization, variants, and rounding of the elements leave the space with a harmonious comfort on the complex texture.

The aesthetic charm of China and that of West meet here, and thus burst out a wonderful dialogue full of aesthetic interest.


Photo: Shao Feng