Shang Xia

The art of living

13 February 2018

Not just a luxury brand, but rather a veritable sophisticated lifestyle, a harmonic partnership between ancient Chinese traditions and modern design.

Shopping at Shang Xia is a unique experience. As you enter its boutiques, in Shanghai and Beijing, you experience a dream-like atmosphere; you are amazed by a sensation of warm harmony. In both boutiques, designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma with luxurious furnishing, you are greeted by kind assistants who offer you small white porcelain cups of tea, while one assistant explains the history and origin of each article on display, all against a background of relaxing music.
The creations designed by Shang Xia – who belongs to the Maison Hermes universe – under the artistic direction of the designer Qiong Er Jiang, are in fact not simply “luxury products”, but veritable elements of a lifestyle that is sophisticated and modern, but whose roots lie in Chinese traditions dating back thousands of years, and in its ancient techniques for processing materials.
Coats made from soft Mongolian cashmere, jewels made from carved jade, furniture made from precious wood, silk furnishing material, combine artistic Chinese craftsmanship with an extremely modern design. As said by the name Shang Xia, which in Chinese means literally “both above and below”, the creations of the Chinese brand are the trait d’union between opposing forces that live together in perfect harmony.

The Shang Xia boutique in Shanghai, designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma Seats from the Shang Xia house furnishing line Sophisticated elegance, ancient taste and modern design Some of the pieces created by the Chinese house