Xiaolou Art Space

Immersive space experience

05 November 2019

The renowned design master Zhu Xiaojie is invited to show his works in Xiaolou on the West Bund, the most eye-catching art & culture center in Shanghai, with the aim to integrate aesthetics into life allowing more people with a passion for art to deeply feel and touch art.

As an art & culture center area along Huangpu River, Shanghai West Bund has become a high-quality activity area that carries core functions of an international city with its total land development capacity of 9.5 millions ㎡ during “Shanghai 2035” overall city planning.

More than 20 art and culture spaces, with Long Museum, YUZ Museum, West Bund Museum and TANK Shanghai as representatives, line up along the waterfront line with a total length of 11.4 kilometers. It strives to create a creative, cultural and media Industry cluster district with great international influence.

West Bund brings together world-class artists and art exhibitions, such as Andy Warhol, KAWS, Mademoiselle Privé by Chanel and so on. More and more first well-known international brands choose to make their world debut in West Bund, helping it become a fashion mecca.

In such an extraordinary context, Zhu Xiaojie has just inaugurated Xiaolou Art (Decor) Space. The name Xiaolou, whose core meaning is “Infinitely small breeds infinitely big”, is a display of both architectural form and Jiangnan characteristics. What’ s more interesting is that the first letters of xiaolou is XL, which means big, exactly the opposite meaning of xiaolou.

Located at 3034 Longteng Avenue, Xiaolou brings together multi-form products, such as well-known domestic and foreign architectural design, home design, sculpture art, installation art, new material and smart home, opening “The First Year” of art furnishing. Besides, performing artists, dancers, writers and painters will also be invited to realize cross-border communication.

Focusing on creating an immersive space experience, Xiaolou is fully open and integrates aesthetics into life via home furnishing, allowing more people with a passion for art to deeply feel and touch art.