The second phase of CIFF, which will be staged from 28 to 31 March 2019, is dedicated to office furniture and seating, hotel furnishings, metal furniture, furnishings for public spaces and waiting areas, as well as accessories, materials, and machinery for the furniture industry, comprehensively addressing the theme of the Smart Office and establishing the sector devoted to furniture for healthcare facilities and seniors.

In China, the constant expansion of work environments, the consequent growth of the internal market for office furniture, and the development of corporate culture by managers and employees are provoking profound reflection on what future work methods and environments should be like.
How can work be made more enjoyable and engaging? What kind of environment can make workers more productive? Why are some company employees more likely to work overtime? What kind of company is appreciated and desirable?
The CIFF Office Show 2019 intends to answer all of these questions, helping to outline environments where the possibility of working comfortably and happily is no longer just a dream.

The CIFF Office Show is the most prominent business platform and the largest office furniture fair in Asia, serving as the true benchmark in the sector in China, bringing together leading companies and new brands and attracting professionals from all the major world markets.
The 43rd CIFF Guangzhou - Office Show will host leading office furniture manufacturers; companies such as Sunon, Victory, Haitian, Quama, Zhongrui, Jongtay, Tiantan, Saosen, Kinwai, Liming, Merryfair, Kuoching, UE, Bosen, Boyi, Allbest, Lijiang, Hongsheng, Hongji, Erqing, Huabao, and Dechang will present new concepts and systems for the workplace; other brands, like Merryfair, Kuoching, UE, Bosen, Boyi, and Allbest will offer ergonomic and comfortable seating with an attractive design.

In line with the growth of the Chinese market, the CIFF exhibition space will also expand this year; in fact, the The Place complex will be used for the first time as Area E of CIFF, increasing the area by over 10,000 square meters compared to previous editions.
Within The Place, the theme of the smart office will be showcased, featuring roughly sixty top brands, including Loctek, Jiechang, Valencasa, Aoke, and Kangtuo, which will present smart solutions and integrated products.

“Work is a Choice” is the title of this year’s Office Environment Theme Pavilion, one of the main events of the CIFF Office Show, which will address issues related to the choices of young people and the evolution of corporate culture, with the aim of promoting smarter and more friendly development within the Chinese office furniture industry.
Personalization, identity, eco-compatibility, ergonomics, new materials, intelligent systems, and free, flexible spaces will be the main threads throughout the 26 thematic areas making up the Office Environment Theme Pavilion, including Light & Shadow Wall, Theme Performance Stage, Live Workstation, Free Social Zone, New Shared Table, Brainstorming, Private Telephone Booth, Dedicated Reading Zone, Height Adjustable Workstation, Green Zone, Smart Carpets, and Theme Art Wall.

The gradual aging of Chinese society is giving rise to a growing level of attention afforded to medical care for seniors and the sudden development of the healthcare facility furniture industry, which will be represented at the CIFF Office Show by a dozen major companies, such as Huashen, Guozhijing, Sikeyi, Wankai, Zhuoyin, and Gangbao, offering effective responses to the concrete needs of the world of the elderly.

The hotel industry is constantly evolving; travelers are always expressing new needs and hotels are enhanced with new features and more attractive environments. CIFF pays close attention to the design of hospitality facilities and devotes much space to the leading manufacturers of furniture and hotel supplies such as Senyuan, Hengtai, Guang'anxin, Ellis, and Dijia.

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